B.O.S.S. Feb 12

Our beloved leader, the Indie Skunk, forces its minions to host #ScreenshotSaturday events on Twitter when it feels like it. And the last one was a really popular one! 100+ awesome game updates shared by passionate indie devs around the world!

Here’s our B.O.S.S. (best of Screenshot Saturday), the list that pleased the most to the almighty mammal (please, never mistake it for a rodent, the last minion that did it is not part of the team anymore). Anyway, here are our top picks!

Two falls

A nature setting with a really pleasing colour palette! I think the screenshots below are mockups that will serve as inspiration for the visuals that will make it into the game, but they really got our master’s attention.


A 2D tower defense game with lovely pixel art graphics, skeletons, liches and dungeons!


Ok, the slime are the heroes here. What else do you need to buy this game?


A really intriguing platform/adventure game where nothing is what it seems. Or maybe it is, we haven’t played it yet!


I know the update has nothing to do with this, but what a really cool perspective for a game!

Delivery for Dr. Shtraus

Cool animation! Davis, you’re awesome.

And that’s all for this post, but if you want to see more than a hundred of amazing Indie Games updates, just check out the replies to our tweet!

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