Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One

The year: 2032. The city: Singapore. The job: Uncovering dirt.

Carmen Sandiego goes cyberpunk.

We are happy to inaugurate our website with our thoughts on an upcoming game from General Interactive Co.

While waiting for the full game, this Indie Skunk minion has had the pleasure to play through Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One (the game’s demo, available on Steam).

Brainy and with gorgeous pixel art, in a world full of brainy games with gorgeous pixel art the twist comes from bringing the noir genre to the 21st Century.

In the best tradition of Raymond Chandler’s stories and point & click games, as a new P.I. the game will encourage you to use both your wits and your favourite search engine in order to unravel its challenges. At any time you can click the web button of the game’s hub. This will take you to your internet browser, where you will be able to expand your search for clues.

That was undoubtely this minion’s favourite part of the demo. Well, there was some shooting too (that’s promising), but the possibility of using the player’s attention to detail, wits, personal knowledge and researching skills was very satisfactory. There was also that moment when I felt kind of stupid discovering that those stamps were not Japanese and were not sent from Pearl Harbor, but I learned something new in the process. That’s priceless.

As for the upcoming game, we encourage you to check its Steam page. Cyberpunk, time sensitive cases, staff and financial management and the promise of gritty noir stories…

After what we have seen, the minions of Indie Skunk can’t wait to play the full game.

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