Next Fest 2022 Eye-catchers – Day 1

Steam Next Fest 2022

No matter how hard we’ve tried (Oh, the foul things we have done to the Holy Router) the Indie Skunk has found out about Steam Next Fest 2022.

Under the promise of “unparalleled punishment” our Master has ordered us to review EVERY SINGLE DEMO available during the event.

Even when it is pretty obvious that we are going to fail and that Its Stinkiness was going to find some excuse to punish us anyway, we are going to do our best.

These are the upcoming indie games that caught our eye on the first day of this edition of Next Fest.

Small Saga by Jeremy Noghani at Steam Next Fest 2022

Two mice go on a quest. Everything is charming. The mice are cute, the graphics are cute, the music is SUPER cuteOnly it all goes dark pretty fast.

Classic RPG vibes with turn based combat, really nice animations and a great sense of humour…

This jewel developed by a one man army (respect to Mr. Noghani) is beyond promising.

Silt by Spiral Circus at Steam Next Fest 2022

It is, of course, impossible not to compare this game with LIMBO. Finding out how many reviews out there have the title “LIMBO under the sea” could probably be turned into a drinking game.

Anyhow, since comparisons tend to suck, I’ll just say that this game is mesmerizing. The minions of the Indie Skunk want more!

One by One by CozyStorm at Steam Next Fest 2022

It is probably morally reprehensible to recommend a game that is guaranteed to be extremely addictive. Yet here we are.

This psychological roguelike (the first of its kind?) is definitely going places.

Lucky Me by Artifact 5 at Steam Next Fest 2022

There was a game that the Indie Skunk specifically commanded us to check and it was this one. A game about controlling your mindless minions and making them hurt each otherWe cannot say we didn’t see that one coming.

It’s also a logic game, therefore the kind of game It makes us play to watch us fail and laugh at us.

Kudos to the devs for one of the funniest game descriptions I’ve ever read, by the way.

Little Orpheous by The Chinese Room at Steam Next Fest 2022

I can’t recall the last time I was wearing such a silly smile while trying a game.

This was simply love at first sightThe credits (such nice ones), the plot, the way it looks and plays, the sense of humour, the voice acting, the soundtrack (I loved the part when it moves on as you move on).

Is there some country where it is legal to marry a video game?

That is all for today. Stay tuned for more eye-catchers of Steam Next Fest 2022.

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