Next Fest 2022 Eye-catchers – Day 2

Steam Next Fest 2022

So there has been a “little bit” of drama in the Indie Skunk’s domain during this second day of Steam Next Fest 2022. Its Stinkiness was not very pleased with our progressApparently “5 reviews a day will not cut it” and It “never suffered such incompetent minions”.

It kept tapping the screen of the Holy PC with Its paw, pointing at the “hundreds of demos” part of Steam’s description of this edition of Next Fest (thanks a lot for that Steam) and calling us names.

So after some careful calculations Its minions have determined that 6 reviews per day should probably do. Our maths are foolproof.

By the way, as a “temporary” punishment, the Indie Skunk has ordered us to include some nerdy and obscure references in today’s reviews. You can expect most of those references to be really dated, since here you will only find two wise old guys doing the bidding of our Master. We are a testament (that word has never been better used) to resilience. Millennials always quit within the first ten minutes of dealing with It.

Facteroids by Jan Zizka at Steam Next Fest 2022

Complex, really interesting and nice looking game in which you have to manage your asteroid mining operation.

“Complex” is that word some people use to define something that is way beyond their cognitive ability. Yes, I am one of those people.

At least my poor attempts to comprehend the intricacies of Facteroids (no wonder that the locals had such a bad vibe in Outland and that Belters rebelled decades after that) seemed to lift the Indie Skunk spirits. It kept laughing and repeating how brother Tagonius would do it way better.

It hurt.

Doors: Paradox by Big Loop Studios at Steam Next Fest 2022

In dire need of a morale booster after an embarrasing performance with the previous title, I approached Doors: Paradox cautiously. A point & click puzzle game? The Indie Skunk was already rubbing its paws.

To my surprise, not only I got into an absolute state of relaxation while playingI was actually pretty good at it.

Did I get some kind of approval from my Master? Of course. Not.

The kind of game you can lose yourself in for hours and hours. Very nice.

Turbo Overkill by Trigger Happy Interactive at Steam Next Fest 2022

This cyberpunk FPS is as frantic and over the top as suggested by its title. Which is of course GOOD.

The “hero”, Johnny Turbo, who would have been a great addition to the teaching staff of Class of 1999, has a chainsaw for a leg sometimes. Is there anything else I need to add?

Souldiers by Retro Forge at Steam Next Fest 2022

Ghost ‘n Goblins meets Dark Souls. Beautiful game.

I have been forced by my Master to use that stylistic resource. Yes, it is the lowest form of journalism.

It has also made me say “journalism”.

I would have said “Frightmare meets Dark Souls” but apparently It considered the reference obscure. Yes, that’s what the Indie Skunk minions have to deal with on a daily basisFacepalm. It made me say that too.

John's Tombstone by Bigboot Studios at Steam Next Fest 2022

This game really caught my eye even before Next Fest. Something told me it would be something unique. And its demo proved it.

Developed by a one man studio as “a digital eulogy” to his father, it mixes different mechanics and graphic styles. It’s up to you to experience them, I will not spoil it. I think that is the perfect word to describe this game, “experience”. It’s more than a game, it’s an experience.

Keeping up with the obscure references, I couldn’t help to use that screenshot (even when I just said that I didn’t want to give any spoilers, sorry about that). That moment reminded me of one of my favourite movies, The Quiet Earth.

I can’t wait to experience this game.

Otherworld Legends by ChillyRoom at Steam Next Fest 2022

This awesome action roguelike, the last game for today, is definitely the one with the most possibilities regarding nerdy and obscure references. Fist of the North Star (love the manga intro), Kung Fu Hustle (love the music), Kibakichi: Bakko-yokaiden (LOVE the enemies), The Love Witch (love the characters)…

Ok, The Love Witch one was kind of forced but it has been a long day.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, the third day of Steam Next Fest 2022.

Out of seven.


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