Next Fest 2022 Eye-catchers – Day 3

Steam Next Fest 2022

On the third day of Steam Next Fest 2022 drama at the Indie Skunk’s lair has reached new heights. Our Master is still not happy with “our” progress (who saw that one coming) and, after a few totally harmless and not ill-intentioned comments from yours truly regarding who is doing what at, things quickly escalated into an argument of epic proportions (no one saw that one coming either).

And brother Tagonius, who so far has not checked a single demo and therefore has not written a single review during Next Fest’22, got offended. And left. Not in a classy, polite way.

So we are down to one minion, which means that nothing has changed, my workload remains exactly the same. On the bright side, the Indie Skunk got really upset (since brother Tagonius is obviously Its favourite) and secluded Itself in Its inner sanctum.

Today should be a happy day for this minion. I’m going to take it easy. Veeeery easy. No obscure references, no capricious Master laughing at my failures… It is DEFINITELY going to be a great day.

Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef by Rogueside at Steam Next Fest 2022

In the not so grim and more kind of cartoony darkness of the far future there is only WAAAGH!!!!

This game is AWESOME. 2D side-scrolling mayhem with a great soundtrack (the punk (r)or(c)k song is epic), lots of action and ork style sense of humour.

And if brother Tagonius ever comes back we could play co-op. Or against each other. Not that I miss him, I’m totally fine playing alone.

I’m not crying, I just got something in my eye. You’re crying.

Zombie Rollerz by Zing Games Inc. at Steam Next Fest 2022

This game is a clever mix of roguelike and pinball mechanics.

I was having a lot of fun with the demo until I heard some wailing coming out of Its Stinkiness inner sanctum. It was probably the saddest sound I’ve ever heard. It sounded like infinite sadness soaked in heartbreak with a touch of “why does everyone leave me?”.

So I did the correct thing and turned the volume of the game up.


Yes, now I have to yell. Nothing is ever perfect.

Plague Lords by Red Unit Studios at Steam Next Fest 2022

Very promising game with a really cool aesthetic that has both the mood of a board game and a classic isometric RPG. The full game will also include building and crafting so you can prepare your settlement against the dreaded Black Plague.

A special mention to the sense of doom and gloom (underlined by an ominous soundtrack) of Plague Lords, which actually combined perfectly with the extremely unusual silence coming out of my Master’s sanctum.

Nah, I’ll check on It later.

Hero's Hour by Benjamin "ThingsOnItsOwn" Hauer in Steam Next Fest 2022

Defined by its dev as “an accessible, yet-deep and content-rich Strategy Roleplaying Game”, this game promises hours and hours of bad tactical decisions and charming retro pixel graphics.

While I was checking it my Master, that had decided (to my distress) to get out of the inner sanctum, tried to make Itself noticeable by uttering a series of soft sad moans. I was of course aware of Its presence since It is, well, a skunk. It is also notoriously self-conscious about the Holy Smell, so we learned long ago not to mention it. The way we also learned never to bite baits like that one, specially since It can be such a drama queen.

So yes, I totally ignored It.

Hey, don’t look at me like that. I am the mistreated and unappreciated minion here, remember?

How to say goodbye by Florian Veltman & Baptiste Portefaix in Steam Next Fest 2022

Logic puzzle game with a really special art style. It is also a narrative game that deals with themes such as death and grief in a very tasteful and uplifting way.

That’s what I thought. The Indie Skunk, that was peeking over my shoulder the whole time, found it “unfearifly saf”. At least that’s what I could make out of Its inconsolable sobbing.

Since a talking (and crying) skunk the size of Totoro is a very disturbing sight I finally gave up and did my best to comfort It. After much, much drama, It finally stopped sobbing, only to show, one more time, symptoms of what Its minions suspect is a severe bipolar disorder.

Suddenly It was the happiest skunk EVER. It hugged me, promised me that It will be “a benevolent master” from now on and that we are going to do things together ALL THE TIME.

Brother Tagonius, come back RIGHT NOW.

That is all for today. Stay tuned for more drama and disturbing behaviour of the Indie Skunk. Also for some more eye-catchers of Steam Next Fest 2022.

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