Next Fest 2022 Eye-catchers – Day 4

Steam Next Fest 2022

On the fourth day of Steam Next Fest 2022 this minion is pretty cranky. I only managed to catch a couple of minutes of sleep. The Indie Skunk kept me up all night.

It woke me up the moment I fell asleep in two ways:

There were the nightmares, when It woke me up screaming something about “not enough followers” and “they shall pay” and called for brother Tagonius. This happened 57 times. Every single time It looked disappointed that I was not brother Tagonius when I tried to comfort It.

And then there were the “Would you like to do something together?” moments, when It would tap on my shoulder with Its huge paw until I woke up. This, of course, startled me the 120 times it happened.

Has anyone seen brother Tagonius?

Anyhow, these are the games that caubrwoig qxvnvi gt%w zzz zzzzz zzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz (Snoring) zzzzzzzzz (Weird nasal whistling) zzzz (More snoring) zzzzz zzzzzzzz (Huge hairy paw tapping on my shoulder)

(Startled scream)

Sorry about that. As I was saying, these are the indie games that caught our eye today at Next Fest (yawn).

Bio-Gun by Dapper Dog Digital at Steam Next Fest 2022

2D metroidvania version of Fantastic Voyage. Only you are a pig instead of Raquel Welch. Promising.

Yes, Master, I watched Innerspace too. Yes, Master, I also liked it. No, Master, I don’t feel like watching it again. Because I am working, Master. Yes, I call this work, Master. Yes, I know that I don’t get paid, Master. See you later, Master. SEE YOU LATER, Master.

The Wandering Village by Stray Fawn Studio at Steam Next Fest 2022

Build a city on the back of a gigantic and majestic creature called Onbu and establish a symbiotic relationship with it. Gorgeous game!

No, Master, I’m not going to “smite” my villagers. No, Master, this game IS NOT Populous. No, Master, I do not know where you put your Master System. YES, Master, it is obvious that you REALLY feel like playing it. No, Master, I DO NOT feel like helping you look for it.

TombStar by Andy Sum & Marcus Grambau at Steam Next Fest 2022

This Space Western action roguelike is fast paced and extremely fun.

Master, I found a game that I think you are going to like. You are busy playing WHAT? Elden Ring? No, Master, that’s not an indie game. It is not, Master. Yes, Master, I’m POSITIVE that Elden Ring is not an indie game. It is not. MasterNo. It is not. It is not. It is not. It is not. It is not. IT IS NOT.

Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between by Silverstring Media Inc. at Steam Next Fest 2022

Embark on an introspective and philosophical night trip in this atmospheric and interesting title.

(My Master is really immersed in his not-indie-at-all game so I’m going to take a little nap)

(Huge hairy paw tapping on my shoulder)

Madshot by Overflow at Steam Next Fest 2022

John Woo vs Cthulhu. Frenetic action roguelike with exquisitely bizarre monster designs. Love it!

No, Master, brother Tagonius hasn’t called. Yes, Master, I’d love to hear from him too. Probaby not for the same reasons. Yes, Master, if that makes him come back, I’ll apologize. No, it wouldn’t be sincere Master. Nice, I don’t mind that you don’t mind either, Master. Now, if that’s ok I think I’m going to bed, Master. Really? Thank you, Master. Goodnight to you too, Master.

(Huge hairy paw tapping on my shoulder)

That is all for today. Stay tuned for more sleep deprivation and unhealthy codependency. Also for some more eye-catchers of Steam Next Fest 2022.

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