Next Fest 2022 Eye-catchers – Day 5

Steam Next Fest 2022

On the fifth day of Steam Next Fest 2022 this minion feels REALLY happy and way more rested.

Last night the Indie Skunk only woke me up 50 or 60 times. Well, technically (Yes, Master) I woke myself up when I felt Its “Glorious Presence” staring at me while I was sleeping (No, it wasn’t creepy at all, Master).

So today I will enjoy the nicest Saturday EVER doing what I love the most, the bidding of my Master (Yes, Master, I am writing what you’re saying word for word).

Also, my extremely benevolent and (Yes, I am including that too, Master) MAGNANIMOUS Master has a surprise for me so I couldn’t be more happy (Yes, sorry, Master), I mean I HAVE NEVER BEEN more happy.

These are the indie games that caught our eye this SUPER HAPPY day at Next Fest.

No, I was not trying to be sarcastic, Master. Yes, I will edit that later, Master.

DepowerBall by Mega Power Games at Steam Next Fest 2022

So my Master’s surprise was that the awesome devs from Mega Power Games reached out to the Indie Skunk and assured Its Stinkiness that their game would definitely help to smooth things between Its minions.

So I (reluctantly) got in touch with brother Tagonius, we gave it a try and we ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

It did not help the way they intended (if anything brother Tagonius and I now despise each other more than ever) but it certainly helped yours truly to release some totally justified and not-psychotic-at-all accumulated rage.

This multiplayer game is, after all, the perfect way to escalate any unspoken grievances you may have with your frenemies.

The mechanics of the game are brilliant:

DepowerBall brilliant mechanics.

Before the match starts the (Up to 4) players vote for the 4 powers they will be able to use to crush each other. Then they will have to use their skill and those powers to collect a treat and feed it to the Dragon Queen.

The match lasts 3 rounds. After 45 seconds a round ends and the player that fed the most treats to the Queen is the winner. Obviously if we won we will feel pretty good about ourselvesUntil the other players depower us by voting for which of those 4 powers we (as in you, winner full of yourself) will not be able to use again for the remaining rounds.

So DepowerBall is not only frantic and extremely fast paced, it also makes you think tactically about when maybe it is better to lose than to win in order to beat your opponents. As I said before, brilliant!

No, Master, it is not a Skunk Queen, it’s a Dragon Queen. No, I do not know why it is not a Skunk Queen, Master. No, I do not see how somehow that is my fault, Master. Yes, Master, if you drop it I will share that “super funny video” of brother Tagonius “totally kickin’ my butt”, Master.

You said that you were going to drop it, Master.

Card SHARK / nerial
Card Shark by Nerial at Steam Next Fest 2022

What a pleasure was to try this game. Become a gambler/scoundrel/card cheater in 18th-century France and exercise both your mental agility and your picaresque. Everything about this game, the art style, the writing, the music and of course the gameplay is superb.

Master, do you want to play some cards?

BITGUN / LogLog games
BITGUN by LogLog Games at Steam Next Fest 2022

Retro pixel zombie post-apocalypse was never so fun. Brutal!

Yes, I am a lazy minion and that was my laziest review ever, Master. Yes, I also think that it is VERY funny that our followers will think that I’m the lazy one because they will never suspect that you are telling me what to write, Master. Yes, I am a total loser, Master.

FAR: Changing Tides by Okomotive at Steam Next Fest 2022

Expanding the ideas from the broadly celebrated FAR: Lone Sails (a game that, being honest, the minions of the Indie Skunk haven’t had the pleasure to play), this title promises both meditative gameplay and challenging puzzles, supported by beautiful graphics and a top-notch atmosphere. Its demo made me want to play both chapters of FAR, that’s for sure.

Yes, that is probably the longest paragraph you ever made me write, Master. Yes, of course it is still brilliant because technically YOU wrote it, Master.

The Iron Oath by Curious Panda Games at Steam Next Fest 2022

As a longtime devotee of RPG games, I am genuinely impressed by the scope of the proposal of this title.

Manage your company of mercenaries in an ever-changing world where time really matters and your mercs will grow old, retire and die. Look after their finances and alliances. And face hardcore turn-based combat in which tactical thinking should never be taken lightly.

Also this minion is madly in love with the art style.

Yes, Master, I am grateful that you magnanimously let me write my own review. Yes, Master, I can see how some followers may consider it “pedantic”. Yes, yours are way better, Master. Yes, I am a failure, Master.

That’s all for today, stay tuned for—Yes, Master?

Yes, brother Tagonius will probaby come back now that I’ve been publicly humilliated, Master.

Yes, I’m sure he knows that he is your favourite, Master.

That´s all for today (really). Stay tuned for more clear examples of toxic micromanagement and how Stockholm syndrome works. Also for some more eye-catchers of Steam Next Fest 2022.

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