Next Fest 2022 Eye-catchers – Day 6

Steam Next Fest 2022

On the sixth day of Steam Next Fest 2022 the walls are closing in on this minion.

Brother Tagonius is not here (YES, Master, I’ve noticed that he is not back too) and the Indie Skunk is losing it.

If you are one of our 3 or 4 followers, right now you’re probably gasping in excitement and anticipating that this episode of Next Fest’22 Eye-catchers is going to be EPICAnd unfortunately you are wrong. There’s nothing epic about dysfunctionality, awkwardness and poor music taste.

The Indie Skunk, unable to cope, suddenly remembered how what It really wanted to do in life is “To gift mankind with radical beats” and dug up the Holy DJ Set. As you can expect, Its hairy huge paws are not exactly build for scratching so the pandemonium is unbearable.

This minion is also realizing that not having any neighbours in the proximity of the SKUNK TOWEEEER (that’s what my Master is yelling as he massacres those poor vinyls) is actually a disadvantage. If only someone would call the police.


Anyhow these are the indie games that SKUUUUUNK TOWEEEEEER caught our SKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNK TOWER eye today at TOWEEEEEEEEEER Next Fest.

The worst part is that it is really catchy.

sky caravaN / Studio Bravarda
Sky Caravan by Studio Bravarda at Steam Next Fest 2022

Do you remember the old school Choose Your Own Adventure books? This game is like those, only way better.

As a Sky Caravaneer you must manage your resources and crew, and choose what to do next, taking in mind how your decisions will affect the aforementioned resources and crew. Your crew’s morale is as important as your food and fuel. Learn to know, trust and listen to them and things will definitely improve.

As I write this lines I am looking at my Master, who now calls Itself “DJ Furr” and I’m literally crying.


Ghostlore by Andrew Teo & Adam Teo at Steam Next Fest 2022

If you know as little as this minion about Southeast-Asian folklore, there is probably no better way to learn than with this action RPG. Also I would have never thought that it was possible to hack and slash with a mouse. And if you like pixel art, you are going to love this game.

Master, why did you skip that one? WHAT? No, I don´t think that Barbie Girl is overrated, Master. Please DON´T yell SKUUUNK TOWEEEER over it, Master.

Kick Bastards by Something Something Games at Steam Next Fest 2022

Kick and parkour around in this game made exclusively for people with good spatial awareness.

If only SKUUUUNK I could TOOOOWEEEER do that right now.

(My master, the former formidable pagan god known as the Indie Skunk is wearing a fluorescent necklace now)


This RPG/tabletop/dungeon crawler plays as good as it looks. Gather your party and, alone or with friends, explore catacombs, face your enemies and even throw the dice. Originally a VR game, this PC Edition couldn’t be more promising.

Yes, the catacombs look like the SKUUUUUNK TOOOWEEEEER, Master.


In an alternate reality Monthy Python and Mr. Bean joined forces to create a video game. In ours, Mr. Sosowski created one that must be pretty similar to theirs.

Play and laugh through a series of gags/minigames in this deranged extravaganza full of absurd humour. Probably the game the Indie Skunk minions have always dreamed of.

Now I have to go. I really like that song.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more poor sense of rhythm and annoying earworms. Also for the last eye-catchers of Steam Next Fest 2022.

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