Next Fest 2022 Eye-catchers – Day 7 (Final Day)

Steam Next Fest 2022

And on the seventh and last day of Steam Next Fest 2022 the Indie Skunk rested from all the work It HAD NOT done.

Alleging a “monumental headache” and an “urgent need” to explore why It can’t stop thinking that It is “a barbie girl in a barbie world”, the Indie Skunk retired to Its inner sanctum.

Before that It reminded this minion that he should review at least 50 or 60 demos today. Brother Tagonius is, of course, yet to make an appearance.

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do, review at least 5 or 6 demos today (I’m having some issues with my hearing since last night, due to DJ Furr’s radical beats).

These are the indie games that caught our eye during the last day of Next Fest.

Writer's Block by Tic Toc Games at Steam Next Fest 2022

Out of all the trends self-inflicted by mankind since its origins, Scrabble and Wordle were quite probably the only ones we shouldn’t feel embarrassed about.

Now we also have Writer’s Block, an engaging roguelike where we must choose our words carefully in order to be victorious. Originality as its best!

What do I hear? It sounds to me like the shameful sound of someone trying to enter the Skunk Tower furtively. Yes, brother Tagonius is FINALLY back.

Ozymandias by The Secret Games Company at Steam Next Fest 2022

Choose one of the 52 empires available and watch them thrive during the Bronze Age, thanks to your sense of strategy. Mine didn’t do that well.

Good morning to you too, brother Tagonius. (Awkward silence) What? Yes, it was an AWESOME party. (More awkward silence) BEST PARTY EVER, don’t you remember? You were not here? (The mother of all awkward silences) Really?

Winter Ember by Skymachine Studios at Steam Next Fest 2022

Become a master of stealth and exact your revenge in this stylish isometric RPG.

Our Master? Oh, you mean DJ Furr. (REALLY awkward silence). In the inner sanctum. No, I am not going to clean up all this mess. Because, as you can see, I am busy, brother Tagonius. No, I didn’t know that you have been busy too. What? Twitter requires all your attention? (10 to 15 minutes of, yes, more awkward silence).

Yes, I was suspecting that you will tell our Master, brother.

Yes, I know that you are going to tweet this “outrage”.


Nobody – the turnaround / u.ground game studio
Nobody - The Turnaround by U.Ground Game Studio at Steam Next Fest 2022

In a different kind of survival game, make ends meet while saving enough to pay a debt to a loan shark. Manage both your mundane and emotional needs, work and keep yourself sane through a series of minigames.

Kind of like my life but without a tyrannical Master and a treacherous workmate.

A special mention to the art style, very nice!

Beholder 3 by Paintbucket Games at Steam Next Fest 2022

Welcome to the The Greatest Union, a totalitarian regime. Posing as a landlord, manage a building while spying on the tenants. There is, after all, nothing you can do but to obey. Or is it?

A very interesting game that definitely gave me some ideas. I can hear brother Tagonius and my Master murmuring behind my back. It is kind of their thing. I could definitely do with some surveillance equipment…

Beacon Pines by Hiding Spot at Steam Next Fest 2022

This delightful game reminded this minion of Gravitiy Falls and Stand by Me, among other things. Write (and rewrite) history as you unravel the misteries of Beacon Pines in this game that promises to be darker than it seems.

I only hope, for the good of these minions, that there is a skunk at some point. And that It is the most important character. And that It ends ruling everything and being adored as only a skunk deserves.

And that is all for this edition of Steam Next Fest. We hope that you enjoyed our reviews and found a few promising gamesCome on, there were 37 of them.

We would also like to applaud the hard work of all the awesome devs that are making those games possible. We’ll be more than happy to publish any updates you would like to share with us.

As for this minion, the experience of covering this event has gifted me with an important lessonI definitely need to start looking for a new cult.

Stay tuned for more Indie Skunk shenanigans. Also for more reviews of the most amazing indie games.

Hail the Indie Skunk!


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