B.O.S.S. Mar 6

Best of Screenshot Saturday march 6

Another fantastic sunny Saturday that It Stinkiness decides to lock me in the Skunk Tower in front of a Twitter screen. At least I could discover the progress of some very interesting Indie Games. Here they go!


Really cool new weapon. If you want to know more, Brother Gutsan already played it in Next Fest 2022 Eye-catchers – Day 4


This game made by a really nice guy and his two kids has made it to the release phase. Go check it out!

The VOX Story

I like the visual style of this game. They’ve published an alpha build in their kickstarter that I haven’t checked out yet.

Bird Flying game

I couldn’t find the name of this game, but it looks very promising.


From time to time you find a gem like this one and there’s no way you can believe this is the work of a Solo dev. We think your game is awesome, Bill!

And that’s all! If you’re interested in us covering your game contact us in Twitter or in our Curators page!

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