B.O.S.S. Mar 12

Wow! What a #ScreenshotSaturday! This time, we’ve received 110+ updates! I’m pretty sure that the main reason is the video that I recorded of our Master with my Nokia (the only smartphone that works inside the Skunk Tower and its funny asbestos walls).

Man, I even had to buy that spotlight with my potential children university savings. And do you know what Its Stinkiness told me after I showed It the video? That Its Glorious Shadow was a bit “square” and It didn’t like it very much at all…

COME ON, that’s how light WORKS, it’s not my fau… Oh, Master, I didn’t know you were right behind me. Yes, Master, I will just do my thing and publish your Top Picks on the Internet. No, Master, I’m pretty sure it’s not called “The Interrail”. Yes, really. It wouldn’t make any kind of sens… Ok, master, I’ll publish our B.O.S.S. (Best of Screenshot Saturday) on the Interrail right away.


Here’s a lovely portal from Mythic, an upcoming multiplayer fantasy roguelike based on an ancient labyrinth.


Really cool trailer from Catnight! They will donate money to Ukraine, so that’s a nice extra.


In the most impersonal reply we received, I had the luck of discovering this little game that I’ll follow from now on for two reasons. The first one is that Heavy Rain is still my favourite game from Quantic Dreams. And that’s an amazing achievement, because the experience I remember of that game was playing it until the half of the game, invite Brother Rafael Gutsan to my house (when we had houses and not cells) so he could play a little of it, go to sleep after a few too many grogs, and wake up with a crude hangover and see him smiling and telling me that he had played the whole game (MY GAME) while I was sleeping. Oh, man, the NERVE.

I forgot about the second reason. Still angry about the first one. THE NERVEEEE!

Shrine’s Legacy

I love that little monster! 😍 Here’s their Steam page.

Ark Defender

I like Space things. I like Spacecrafts. Personal Space. Space Bars. So how i could not feature this Space game update?

Jack Pilgrim

This is something that I say so many times on Twitter that I could create a macro, but… what a wonderful colour palette! Still not sure what the game is about, but that retro feeling is nice, too!

Last Visit

This game would scare me a lot. That’s why we agreed that Rafael Gutsan would do the reviews and I just spam thing on Twitter with the #gamedev and #indiegame hashtags.

Headless JEFF-3

I had saved this one to feature it just because of the visuals of the tweet, but after researching a little bit, I’ll add that I love the premise. You are a robot trying to get your head back and the point of view is the one of your lost head. Yes, just like that. It’s awesome! Love Indies for being original like this.


That’s a cool mosquito that I would never like to find in real life. Even at a regular size. Check out the game here.

Drova – Forsaken Kin

I really dig the visual style of Drova. The promo assets I’ve seen on their Steam page are even better!

Death Corp

The visual style of Death Corp is amazing. I know it doesn’t say that, but it makes me giggle to imagine that the word in the rainbow is ‘Boner’. Yes, that’s my level of maturity.

Rough Justice: ’84

In this single-player time management game, you use dice and cards to successfully run your private security agency. Do I know what that means? Hell, no! But I really like the look & feel of this update.

AND That’s all FOR TODAY

That’s it my friend. Follow us on our Steam Curators page and stay tuned for many more good Indie Games updates on the Interrail!

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