We, the disgusting, subhuman minions of the Indie Skunk would like to apologize to our NUMEROUS (that’s a plain lie, Master) followers for our laziness and lack of content.

Its Stinkiness also commands this minion to tell you that the Oscars have been officially banned in the Skunk Tower. And to confess that the reason is the childish, unprofessional behaviour of brother Tagonius and yours truly.

We will never, ever, ever argue about a certain slap EVER again and we will not use each other faces to prove “what a proper slap is”.

With that out of the way, today this minion would like to tell you about Ignatius, a gorgeous puzzle-platformer by Sons of Welder.

(Yes, Master)

A game about what cinema is TRULY about.

The Indie Skunk is now the voice of reason.

We are scared too.

At least I didn’t become a cockroachThe story

Ignatius—This time grandpa's story is actually good.
“Again, grandpa?”

Once upon a time, our protagonist was a boy trapped in a boring and monotonous clerical job.

His life takes an even more kafkaesque turn one night after work, when he meets Vigo, the owner of a travelling movie theater. Vigo convinces the boy to watch a movie and he is transported to an expressionist, surreal world.

It will be our job to help him find his way back to reality while uncovering the truth about the mysterious Vigo.

A love letter to silent moviesThe world

Ignatius—Love the references!

In this minion’s opinion, the best thing about Ignatius is its beautiful, atmospheric world.

A hand-drawn, black and white world in which dangers are the only things represented in bright colours, and the buildings take bizarre oniric shapes.

Our character moves, after all, in the land of Nosferatu, The Golem and Doctor Mabuse.

This feeling is reinforced by its beautiful soundtrack, reminiscent of the melodies we could expect to come from a piano, next to that magic screen, in 1913.

Truly a gorgeous game.

Platforms and creepy crowsThe gameplay

Ignatius—Creepy crows and crooked skylines.
“This story is getting scary, Grandpa.”

In order to traverse the world of Ignatius, we must jump to platforms, solve puzzles and collect pieces of a movie reel. Once we have all of them, we can play the reel on a projector. This will open a portal that will take us to the next stage of our journey.

We can also collect parts of the story of Vigo, which perhaps will help us understand what is happening.

We will also have to avoid creepy crows, hellish rats and other nightmarish creatures, including some bosses.

And the curtains closeOpinion rhymes with minion

Ignatius—A beautifully crafted game.

We would like to thank the devs, Sons of Welder, for offering the minions of the Indie Skunk a key for their game.

I would only suggest them to consider adding controller support, a game like this could definitely benefit from it.

Ignatius is, in conclusion, a beautifully crafted and interesting game.

This minion is really intrigued by Vigo’s story and will definitely continue playing!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for no more Oscars and probably some more slaps. Also for more reviews of the most amazing indie games.

Hail the Indie Skunk!

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