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  • Sons of Valhalla

    Sons of Valhalla

    Pixel Chest, the dev of Sons of Valhalla, has been kind enough to give the Indie Skunk access to the beta version of their game. It is now on Kickstarter. Its Stinkiness has of course other things to do and brother Tagonius is “really busy” with Twitter, so yours truly has spent a “few” hours…

  • AlCHeMoS / demo

    AlCHeMoS / demo

    Hey, I guess you already know, if you are following the Indie Skunk, that there are two minions (alive). One is a talented gamer/reviewer/writer. I’m the other one. I usually write stupid comments on Twitter and, there, I’m lucky enough to meet many gamedevs and follow their progress through the different stages of their games.…

  • Reloader: test_subject—To the last bullet

    Reloader: test_subject—To the last bullet

    Once in a while there is a game that stands out for its originality. Reloader: test_subject is one of those games. Short and sweet, it serves as a showcase for Reloader: subject_alpha, a more extensive proposal by Nevertheless Studio to be released on January 2024. This first chapter of the Reloader story feels like the…