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  • Iratus: Lord of the Dead

    Iratus: Lord of the Dead

    (This review has a soundtrack that has been unwillingly provided by that mad genius called Swedish Wargoat) Greetings, dear follower! Yes. WE ARE BACK. Please wipe those tears. Your long wait is over now. We sincerely apologize for our silence during the last couple of months. And for breaking your heart. As you DEFINITELY remember,…

  • The Long Dark

    The Long Dark

    We recently surpassed 700 followers on Twitter (@IndieSkunk). Yay. The minions of the Indie Skunk made the mistake of telling Its Stinkiness and It got really upset. It started complaining about how unfair it was that “the Jupiter guy with the Edison cars” outbid It. Our Master went on rambling about all the other times…