About us

Welcome to this-is-not-a-cult-at-all friendly online space!

We are the minions of the Glorious and Magnanimous Indie Skunk.

We are former useful citizens that decided to leave everything behind and devote our lives to talk about the Indie Games we love.

We totally chose to do this of our own volition and were absolutely not forced to do it by a huge manipulative mammal.

We know what Stockholm syndrome is and we can definitely assure you that this is not the case. Seriously. We swear.

All hail the Indie Skunk!

Our CanonThe most inconsequential story ever told

After the notorious Triple-A Ferret scandal (which being notorius and therefore common knowledge you should totally be familiar with but there are people that choose to ignore the important events of their time so we will be as magnanimous as our Master and condescendingly explain to you that it was this super famous case in which two employees of the Triple-A Ferret a pretty-posh-for-a-pagan demigod who was obsessed with the games of major development companies were unmasked as degenerate crooks that were generating hype by promising upcoming unparalleled content and then publishing really disappointing poppycock and also never used commas) brother Tagonius and brother Gutsan (again, not a cult) were in, let’s put it shortly, trouble.

With their not-so-nice-to-look-at faces exposed in like, ALL the media, and chased by mobs of infuriated gamers (that were mostly angry about the commas), they survived by eating whatever they found in the sewers where they hid.

It was during these dire times that the Indie Skunk found them. Its Stinkiness embraced them in Its Gloriusly Stinky arms and brought them to the Skunk Tower, where they were quickly put to work doing all manner of chores that mostly had to do with cleaning, since believe it or not the Indie Skunk is a first-class germaphobe.

When they were done cleaning, the Indie Skunk revealed them their new purposeTo hunt for, play and review the most amazing indie games. Also It told them that the commas thing was a no go.

As for the Indie Skunk itself, Its origins are yet to be known, we are not trying to stablish a canonical mistery to keep you hooked on our website (not at all), it’s just the way it is. We NEVER ask but from time to time Its Stinkiness rants about how It comes “from outer space” or “from the long forgotten lyrics of a Celtic Frost song” or “from your nutty subconscious, you good-for-nothing minions” or, the one that makes the most sense to us, “out of your darkest nightmares”.

You may (and totally should), of course, read every single one of our reviews and other astounding content and look for clues.

There is also a lot of drama.

And commas.