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  • Iratus: Lord of the Dead

    Iratus: Lord of the Dead

    (This review has a soundtrack that has been unwillingly provided by that mad genius called Swedish Wargoat) Greetings, dear follower! Yes. WE ARE BACK. Please wipe those tears. Your long wait is over now. We sincerely apologize for our silence during the last couple of months. And for breaking your heart. As you DEFINITELY remember,…



    Howdy and welcome to our most panicky review ever. Apparently the authorities of this or that country (the Indie Skunk does not allow us to know where the Skunk Tower is located “for security reasons”) finally noticed that Our Master has not paid taxes during the last “bazillion years” (we are quoting Its Stinkiness) and…

  • Vampire Survivors

    Vampire Survivors

    DISCLAIMER: This is a message from the legal team of the Indie Skunk. We decline any responsability in case one of our followers developes an unhealthy, if understandable, addiction to this game or any of the games that the minions of the Indie Skunk, who are poor irresponsible illiterates that just don’t know any better,…